Cable Internet

Telecommunications Call Center Services

In the telecom business, high call volumes, a lack of contact centre workers, and long hold times are indeed the routine. Customer service in the telecom business is typically difficult to come by. Whether calling phone companies, cable companies, satellite television providers, or Internet service providers, consumers appear to be told to hurry up and wait. SAS can assist in reversing this trend.

Customer Service

The #1 reason why customers call their cable company, phone provider, or internet provider is because they’re having technical issues. While handling the big things should be left up to your technicians, our tech support process outsourcing can ask simple scripted questions to handle basic troubleshooting.

Minimize turnover with round-the-clock support

Customers don't have to go far for reasons to ditch their cable provider thanks to Internet-based leisure. To decrease customer turnover and keep consumers satisfied, telecommunication companies require round-the-clock help. Our operators are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you with any difficulties.

Planning Appointments

Our contact centre technology enables our employees to assist make appointments for new clients who want to sign up for service or existing customers who need a specialist to come out to them.

Sales Support

There are new consumers out there, and SAS can assist you in finding them. Our operators can handle both inbound and outbound lead calling for you. We can even offer cross-sells and up-sells for new clients signing up for service through our specialised agent programme, such as adding bundle packages or adding extra services to their basic plan.

Billing Solutions

How frequently have you phoned your cable provider because something wasn't quite right with your bill? Basic billing inquiries are answered by our representatives, who may also fill out support ticket requests and redirect urgent calls to the relevant department. If provided sufficient access to your systems, our agents may perform disconnects and activations for new customers as well as for consumers ending service.

Absolute customer care

Being available to your clients 24 hours a day, seven days a week is wonderful, but offering above and beyond is even better. We can help you win back consumers by being a part of your customer retention plan, managing relationships through surveys and research, and providing Spanish speakers to those who require it.

Experience the joy of real-time communication for your consumers!

The Problem

A development project has been constructed, and your firm is one of the service providers available to serve that region. You do, however, face some competition. You decide to offer new customers a discount to entice them to hire you, but you can't keep up with the incoming calls. As a result, your overflow is going to your competitors.

The Solution

You outsource your overflow calls to SAS rather than giving your competitors the upper hand. For new clients, our representatives may answer basic service and price queries, offer estimates, and arrange service appointments. Your callers appreciate how swiftly they can get on and off the phone without queuing up on hold or leave a message, and they're glad they went with you!